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Leadership in Planning, Facilitating, and Assessing Learning is a Cardinal Stritch Administrative Certification course which covers the areas of curiculum (past & present), standards, and curriculum design and planning and assessment.  THis course ties to other courses in the series (supervision/evaluation, Staff Development, and the Nature of Learning.

Developing, Supervising, and Evaluating Staff - EDU 580 is a 3 credit Cardinal Stritch Administrative Certification course that will present a variety of models and processes for new and experienced staff in the area of instructional supervision as well as teacher evaluation. In addition, organizational and individual factors affecting the processes will be explored. Simulated experiences will allow class participants to develop and practice their skills and knowledge throughout the course. This course builds on the Human Resources Leadership course (EDU 578) by reinforcing many of the concepts through application and extension including the development of a supervision and evaluation plan.

EDU 588-Data Driven Decision Making for School Improvement- introduces students to the basic language and processes of data analysis in preparation for the development of a School Improvement Plan. The goals of the course are to prepare students to develop a School Improvement Plan (SIP) proposal; select a unit of study for proposal (typically a school or a part of a school such as a department); decide on a focus for school improvement within the unit of study; analyze student achievement data; and begin to formulate a plan for data collection.

Students are exposed to different types of data collection methods both quantitative (with a focus on surveys and analysis of existing data) and qualitative (through a focus on case study, interviews and focus groups). 


This course seeks to answer the following questions: 

What is data driven decision making? 

What is a School Improvement Plan? 

How do I determine the focus of my plan?

What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis?

How can I collect and verify my data for my plan?

  • Survey (quantitative)
  • Interview (qualitative)
  • Focus group (qualitative)
  • Document review 
  • Observation

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